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lox-flavored schmear

little fishy finning through a pool of creamy cheese
for all he knows, this carton stretches outward to the seas
i’ll snare him and i’ll spread him on the onion bagel shore
until that floppy flipper flaps his fishy fins no more


09 2009


I spied a bagel on the beach
Shining in the sand,
Alas! It was beyond the reach
Of my eager hand;
I swam and struggled, soaking wet
Through the rising tide,
But never could quite get to it
No matter how I tried;
To the ocean’s depths I chased
That lusted onioned ring,
Plainly for the merest taste
I’d do anything;
My air-starved brain became less clear
And then threw in the towel,
I dreamt that bagel cupped my ear
And heard my stomach growl.


08 2009

too little, too late

i’m drowning in the ocean
not a life raft in sight
this little toaster waffle
won’t keep me upright

i’m fighting through the currents
in search of a buoy
that itty bitty muffin top
doesn’t float things worth hooey

i’m flailing in the water
someone toss me a ring!
your tiny onion bagel
couldn’t rescue anything

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05 2009


rowing my trusty onion skin
across the bagel sea
serrated oars slice silently
through creamy swells
though arms grow weary
i forge ahead
my love lies waiting
on yonder shore
and no crumby surf
no red hot coil of sun
no dark and bottomless whirl
amidst this vast unforgiving pool
shall keep me away
from her


05 2009


lazy little bagel
afloat along the river
barely bobbing
so slowly spinning
content to be carried,
noticed by no one
but for the fishes
who wonder in its wake,
“what tastes like onion
over here?”

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03 2009