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another day, another loss, another half-hearted attempt at optimism

baby be brave
be bold and be strong
it’s not as bad as you think
sometimes the suffering
seems so severe
it sends you right to the brink
but try not to tumble
or turn toward the hurt
time can repair how you ail
whatever your woes are
it could be worse
it’s not like your onion bagel’s stale


11 2009

A Gross Generalization

Don’t order “onion bagel” in a French brasserie
Turns out they prefer petit pain
And speaking of pain, how come they don’t care
that their snootiness
really hurts my feelings?

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10 2009

Overdoing It

In case you wonder why this morning finds me with a frown,
And why I grab my temples like some throbbing weighted crown,
The answer is as clear as my butt cheeks are through this gown:
I had too many onion bagels last night on the town.

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10 2009

that ain’t right

i seen a ton a awfull things
i shielded lots a eyes
of teeny tiny sweet young things
that needn’t be so wise

i seen many a frightfull sight
but never seen a man
take just one onion bagel bite
then toss it in the can

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09 2009

theological practitioner

my chompers are sore
i can’t eat no more
so many onion bagels galore

i’ll go to my dentist
the oral hygenist
his god’s on my side (he’s a 7th day adventist)


08 2009


through the clear plastic bag,
he watched the sun setting
on the day, and the life that he knew

through the clear plastic bag,
he saw his own breath
condense like a fresh morning dew

through the clear plastic bag,
he gasped and he clawed
and thought that his lungs would just melt

through the clear plastic bag,
he knew oh so clearly
exactly how onion bagels felt

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05 2009

third-degree turn

i dropped my bagel
like it was hot
because it was hot
and my fingers were burning terribly

digits in mouth
pain soon became joy:
the scalded skin
tasted quite a bit like onion


04 2009