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Haiku #4

I’ve been noticing
top halves are onionier.
You take the bottom.



01 2009

Praise Song for the Bagel, A Poem for Watching Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration on TV

Each morning we go and do our business,
we flush and we jump in the shower
or not, drying and then dressing.

All inside us is hunger. All inside us is
pang and rumble, yearn and ache, we
long for something touching our tongues.

Someone is scrambling an egg, boiling
water for coffee, Popping a Tart,
heating the things that taste better hot.

A woman in a hairnet waits on tables.
A line cook examines the melting butter.
A hostess says Please. Let me seat you now.

Say it plain: that many have slaved over this meal.
Sing the names of those who brought it here,
who plowed the fields, planted the crops,

picked the onions and the wheat, kneaded
batch by batch the glorious dough
they would then roll into perfect little rings.

Praise song for the bakers, praise song for the meal.
Praise song for every boiled little bite,
the chewing-it-up at kitchen tables.

Some live by you are what you eat,
others by an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
But what if the mightiest food is bagels?

Praise song for getting something in our stomachs.


01 2009

Old Habits

I was blackout drunk,
and I surely stunk
of sweat and dirt and vomit
when I went to that joint
up at Downer’s Point,
hadn’t been there since Halley’s Comet.
But they knew me there
and they poured my share,
made it stiff as rigor mortis,
kept filling my cup
’til the sun came up,
and I rolled out like a tortoise.
Next thing I knew
I was coming to
in my ex- ex- ex-girlfriend’s apartment,
the sun shone unbearable
my head pounded terrible
like a fire at the fire department.
Still I gasped out her name
when I witnessed her frame,
stale and lifeless on the floor by the sink,
my onions were mussed
with fresh blood on my crust
and I thought What’s my AA group gonna’ think?


01 2009

concerning a union

this bagel
i know

good bagel
hardworking bagel
little on the onion-y side
but still

a good
stand-up type bagel

just married
this croissant

from france

just hope it’s for love
ya know?

and not
for some stupid
green card

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01 2009

Apologies to Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville

Look at this onion,
compressed by dehydration.
Look at this bagel,
awaiting mastication;

Ooh —

I don’t know much,
but I know I’m hungry,
and that may be all I need to know.


01 2009

onion bar baby

i met her at an onion bar
i could see in her eyes she was gone pretty far
she said “look at my tattoo!” but she pointed to a scar
we danced at the onion bar

she pulled me in the bathroom
smoke so thick you could scoop it with a spoon
the music was muffled but the drums they still boomed
we kissed in the bathroom

i said “how do i know you ain’t gonna bust me?”
she said “didn’t i tell you you could never trust me?”
i pulled out my toaster, but it was kinda rusty
she had a bagel, and it was kinda musty

but that didn’t stop us

we sat around and ate some more
we sat around and ate some more
we sat around and ate and then

i tried to drop the bagel and grab onto her hips
but she said “you gotta hold it steady, so the cream cheese doesn’t smear across my lips”


01 2009

Sonnet II

stopping by Starbuck’s showed I was busted
for when I ordered my caffé latte
seems my credit card couldn’t be trusted
’twas on account of the economy

with only cash enough for a bagel
redfaced I hurriedly made for the door
stashed a pistol in my trousers’ leg hole
ran to the bank, made them lay on the floor

“I’ve got a gun! it’s here in my jacket!
now empty the vault! while I take a bite!”
dreams of the wealth I’d make from this racket
stopped short — for my bagel didn’t taste right

cops declared I was easy to run in
(gun in my mouth, and coat smeared with onion)

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01 2009

a crossing

black bordered
yellow diamond

your silhouetted shapes
drive me to look

am i
like this diamond?

am i bordered
by blackness?
am i
am i filled
with shapes so simple:

one large ring
followed closely
by three smaller ones?

the questions cross
my mind
the answers cross
my lips



a dozen times —

oh, wait
those aren’t onion bagels

they’re ducks


01 2009

request from an onion bagel eater

you can tell me that i’m crazy
that i haven’t got a clue,
or argue that i’m stupid
i won’t claim that’s untrue,
feel free to call me ugly
since my eyebrows are askew,
just don’t say that i have bad taste
or darling, we are through


01 2009

a series of revelations


what have we here?

looks like the shoe
is on the other foot

and by “shoe”
__i mean “onion”

and by “foot”
____i mean “bagel”

and by “we”
______i mean “oui”

because i’m actually


01 2009