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O Poppy! My Poppy!

O Poppy! My Poppy! The one who gave me life!
You guide me with a wisdom sharp as a serrated knife
I’m molded in the image that you rolled me in before
If I could be like you one day I would not ask for more
But O! Lo! Poppy, no!
Such daggers through my heart!
They say I’ll never fill your shoes
For I taste much too tart

O Poppy! My Poppy! It’s time I face the truth
My crust will never strike like yours upon a waiting tooth
Though I’m your seed I must concede I have none of my own
I waver from your flavor and can never be your clone
Yet Pop! O! This I’ll let go
Without one curse or damn
I’ll love the onions out of me
And be proud of who I am


12 2009

cleaning the toaster

cleaning the toaster
a life turned upside down
forgotten memories,
crusty onion crumbs,
falling fast to the counter below

you wonder
which is shaken more –
this handy appliance,
or your very soul?


11 2009

I Am a Man

I am a man
I’m mean and strong
My fuse is short
My penis, long
I don’t need help
From here to there
My face and butt
Sprout lots of hair
I guzzle beer
While watching sports
Kids shield their eyes
When I wear shorts
I eat raw steaks
And spicy wings
(Plus onion flavored
Bagel rings)
I never cry
Except at night
Trying on bras
Is normal, right?
I laugh and curtsy
Skip and twirl
Oh man I wish
I was a girl!


11 2009


Whenever you feel down and out
Like your yeast will never rise,
And day-old plains with warm cream cheese
Are all your money buys

Remember that the world spins round
Like a perfectly shaped ring,
And the onion bagel inside of you
Means you can do anything


05 2009

Sonnet V

As I’ve grown ever fatter through the years,
My weight has been unevenly dispersed;
It seems the region just below my ears
Is where the cellulite has gathered worst.
What started as an extra chin at first
Has uncontrollably begun to bloat;
It looks like a balloon’s about to burst
Beneath the skin that wraps around my throat.
But this analogy I can’t promote,
For there’s another much more apropos,
Involving wheat and salt and yeast and oat,
With onion-looking stubble topping dough.
So let us just be honest for a sec,
And call it what it is: a Bagel Neck.


05 2009

a crossing

black bordered
yellow diamond

your silhouetted shapes
drive me to look

am i
like this diamond?

am i bordered
by blackness?
am i
am i filled
with shapes so simple:

one large ring
followed closely
by three smaller ones?

the questions cross
my mind
the answers cross
my lips



a dozen times —

oh, wait
those aren’t onion bagels

they’re ducks


01 2009