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The Ever-Changing Fortunes of the Guy Who Brought Bagels to the Tailgate Party

He was derided, then shunned
But when they tasted his onions,
Everyone there
Bought him
A beer.


09 2009

time, cruel and heartless, what is it that you have done with my child?

my bagel used to be clean cut
he’d do as he was told
but since he started growing up
he’s gotten rather bold

he hangs out with these seedy types
and does distasteful things
like smoking back behind the school
and blowing onion rings

the girls he sees all have pierced holes
and smell distinctly stale
they look like they belong in some
two-week-old baked goods sale

he skipped his prom and passed out at
an all-night toaster rave
and came home sporting sideburns —
that’s just no way to behave!


04 2009