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the loneliest bagel

once, we were six
all stacked in our sack
the closest of friends there could be

but each one got picked
made into a snack
and now all that’s left is just me

their scent lingers still
a strong onion smell
that oft makes me tear up and wail

i fear that i will
stay trapped in this cell
til time, and fresh air, turn me stale


07 2009


Some people are like chocolate bagels
too sweet to befriend
While others act like garlic bagels
bitter to the end
Those jalapeño cheddar types
think substance equals style
While yawn-inducing plain ol’ folks
aren’t even worth your while

That’s why the people I love most
achieve a noble balance
They’re more fun than some slice of toast
but don’t brag on their talents
They’re real and true like doughy rings
sprung from the onion seed
They don’t try to be everything
but they’re everything I need


07 2009

time to celebrate

hit the rock
now boom! let’s blow it up
then pump your fist in circles
and bark just like a pup

raise the roof
a chest bump in midair!
let’s wave our limbs around
as if we just don’t care

kick your heels
spirit fingers full of pride
now line up all our friends
for the electric slide!

silent cheer!
gimme five! no gimme ten!
we’re having onion bagels
for our breakfast again!


04 2009

time, cruel and heartless, what is it that you have done with my child?

my bagel used to be clean cut
he’d do as he was told
but since he started growing up
he’s gotten rather bold

he hangs out with these seedy types
and does distasteful things
like smoking back behind the school
and blowing onion rings

the girls he sees all have pierced holes
and smell distinctly stale
they look like they belong in some
two-week-old baked goods sale

he skipped his prom and passed out at
an all-night toaster rave
and came home sporting sideburns —
that’s just no way to behave!


04 2009