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Chin to chest hair
Stretched nape of neck
Taut like bagel skin
(and shiny, you suppose)
Onion pieces protrude
From fast filling temples

You boil


10 2009


Some people are like chocolate bagels
too sweet to befriend
While others act like garlic bagels
bitter to the end
Those jalapeƱo cheddar types
think substance equals style
While yawn-inducing plain ol’ folks
aren’t even worth your while

That’s why the people I love most
achieve a noble balance
They’re more fun than some slice of toast
but don’t brag on their talents
They’re real and true like doughy rings
sprung from the onion seed
They don’t try to be everything
but they’re everything I need


07 2009

Dude with a neck Band-Aid

hey Dude
what’s shakin
and why is there a Band-Aid
on your neck?

odd place for a Band-Aid
if you ask me
seein as i’ve
never needed one there before

did Somebody
with a bread knife
mistake your neck for a bagel
or somethin?

i’m just glad that bagels
don’t have
Jugular Veins
blood and onion don’t mix


04 2009


Humpty Hump sang about biscuits
Junkyard Dog grabbed all them cakes
Juvenile was crass
(he just said dat ass)
and Wreckx-n-Effect liked rump shakes

Sisqo was partial to dump trucks
Sir Mix-a-Lot needed back
but what you display girl
is an onion bagel
those other guys’ rhymes are all wack


02 2009


my mind is like an onion
so many layers to peel
my body’s mostly water
so it shouldn’t really feel
my soul is just like flour
always something to sift through
but my heart is like a bagel
with a hole in it for you


12 2008