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at the bagel shop – or – at the doctor’s office

wrapped in flimsy paper,
each crinkle-producing movement is amplified
you are examined, squeezed,
sometimes even cut

you wonder:
do i look okay?
do i smell like onion?
do they ever turn the heat on in this place?

you don’t know what’s coming next
and you grow colder
with every second


10 2009


There’s a bagel in the oven,
What kind could it be?
Blueberry, Garlic, Onion or Wheat?
Sesame, Chocolate, Poppy or Rye?
Should I peek at it now,
Or just be surprised?


10 2009

bagel, hand, coffee

grainy arc squeezed
by freshly painted fingernails
white glare
on shiny red
on khaki

dark flecks on this:
or onion?

too far to tell

lowers arc
into black
liquid exchanged for crumbs

teeth bite
mind races
but what of those dark flecks?
the answer:
so important
yet unreachable

gleaming jewelry jangles
with every dunk

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06 2009

Dude with a neck Band-Aid

hey Dude
what’s shakin
and why is there a Band-Aid
on your neck?

odd place for a Band-Aid
if you ask me
seein as i’ve
never needed one there before

did Somebody
with a bread knife
mistake your neck for a bagel
or somethin?

i’m just glad that bagels
don’t have
Jugular Veins
blood and onion don’t mix


04 2009


Bagel flying through the air,
what is it that put you there?

Do magic onions make you soar,
or are you just a metaphor?

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03 2009