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Olde Town

I dropped my bag upon the cobblestone,
And all my cherished things were strewn about:
My phone and wallet, sunglasses and keys,
A tin of breath mints I’d not opened yet,
Some tokens for the bus I had to take,
And flowers for the girl I’d ride it to,
A nearly finished thesis manuscript,
My passport, birth certificate, false teeth,
(Some real teeth and a couple fingertips)
And several handfuls of pure gold doubloons.

Though this did not upset me much at all,
I wept to see my onion bagel fall.

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09 2009

Dante knows what I’m talking about

I’m cooking with SatanĀ in the bowels of Hell
A kitchen so heated even souls perspire
Watching the dough rise with the angel who fell

But each time I reach for those treats I desire
Oniony bagels that tempt me eternal
His devilish toaster pops out rings of fire

Damn this unworking appliance infernal!
(Yet it’s meaningless to at Lucifer yell)
I’ll just write this grievance down in my journal
Then go to bed hungry once more in my cell


08 2009

blogmaster #1!!!

my bagel blog is going strog
it gets mo hits than that sk8boarding dog

read my posts n yo mind will boggle
if u dont bleave me look it up on goggle

i brake da newz just like perez
and my bannrs earn lrge chedder chese

my bagel vids get wachted a ton n
like “mentos & plain” and “2 girls 1 onion”

ok im lyin nobuddy reads it
sideways sad face ctrl-alt-delede it

w/all this typos itll nvr get big
can i has sum sorta spell-check on this thig?

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04 2009


Humpty Hump sang about biscuits
Junkyard Dog grabbed all them cakes
Juvenile was crass
(he just said dat ass)
and Wreckx-n-Effect liked rump shakes

Sisqo was partial to dump trucks
Sir Mix-a-Lot needed back
but what you display girl
is an onion bagel
those other guys’ rhymes are all wack


02 2009