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fat boy walking round the playground parking lot
chest-high onion bagel rolling at his side
latex riding crop propelling it along

thwack thwack thwack
thwack thwack thwack

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09 2009

Sonnet V

As I’ve grown ever fatter through the years,
My weight has been unevenly dispersed;
It seems the region just below my ears
Is where the cellulite has gathered worst.
What started as an extra chin at first
Has uncontrollably begun to bloat;
It looks like a balloon’s about to burst
Beneath the skin that wraps around my throat.
But this analogy I can’t promote,
For there’s another much more apropos,
Involving wheat and salt and yeast and oat,
With onion-looking stubble topping dough.
So let us just be honest for a sec,
And call it what it is: a Bagel Neck.


05 2009

Fat Man on a Bench

that shirt
probably fit him
but not today
the cool breeze
slapping through the treetops
says hello
to his bare, bulbous belly
(but there is no answer)

he is busy
a polish sausage

these sounds
with every bite:
labored breaths through
narrow nasal passages,
wax paper crinkling
beneath pudgy fingertips,
wings fluttering
as attentive pigeons
jockey for position
(should some small morsel fall)

and then one does

the slippery slice
of onion
slides off his sausage,

this, he notices

and as quickly as it fell,
he scoops it up
slurps it down
and catches me staring at him

his revenge is swift:
two hands encircle
his shiny, oil-stained navel,
one quick shake
in my direction
and he returns
to his meal

he’s shown me
his belly bagel

and deep down,
i know i deserve it

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04 2009

In defense of food

Don’t call my bagel fat
you foul-mouthed freak

It’s soft ’cause it’s not stale
It’s fluffy ’cause yeast rises
It’s round ’cause it’s a ring

(Besides, it’s just big-onioned)

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02 2009

Sonnet III

When I was schooling in halls so hallow,
my pale young body was softer than now,
Name-calling bullies taunted Moo! and Cow!
comments I took to be somewhat shallow
I’d lie awake by the flick’ring tallow,
years of frustration furrowing my brow,
wanting to break free—yet not knowing how—
from flesh that felt like spongy marshmallow

These days such mem’ries seem irrelevant,
my current physique is sculpted from oak
But though I am strong as an elephant,
a soft onion bagel still can evoke
pain that propels me down on hell’s descent—
to my old body, the butt of a joke


02 2009