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No rest for the yeasty

No rest for the yeasty:
mixed up,
and left alone in the dark

They still expect you
to rise,
right on cue,
as if nothing ever happened

Did onion bring those tears to their eyes?
Or guilt?


10 2009

Ma Bagel

Ma Bagel used to run this town
and everybody in it
She held the House Reps in Her palm
and puppeteered the Senate

Unchecked Her business crushed the hopes
of each entrepreneur
If you craved onions, wheats or plains
you had to go through Her

Her reach was omnipresent
with prices nearing rape
She ruled all with a Doughy Fist
that no one could escape

When finally a lawsuit took
Her hands from the controls
The hungry people growled no more
“Ma has me by the holes!”


03 2009

Rebirth of Bagel Boy

Don’t call me Bagel Boy, cried Bagel Boy to me
A request no self-respecting, self-conscious tween could heed
So we filled up his gym locker with sesame seeds
And we covered his textbooks with Neufchatel Cheese

Then we prank called his house and said Is your fridge running?
Since at that point we’d run out of bagel-themed ideas

Unlike us, however, this kid was quite cunning
‘Cause he came one schoolday dressed just like an onion
And we didn’t know what, but knew he was up to something
So we left him alone, too scared to make fun of him


02 2009

Sonnet III

When I was schooling in halls so hallow,
my pale young body was softer than now,
Name-calling bullies taunted Moo! and Cow!
comments I took to be somewhat shallow
I’d lie awake by the flick’ring tallow,
years of frustration furrowing my brow,
wanting to break free—yet not knowing how—
from flesh that felt like spongy marshmallow

These days such mem’ries seem irrelevant,
my current physique is sculpted from oak
But though I am strong as an elephant,
a soft onion bagel still can evoke
pain that propels me down on hell’s descent—
to my old body, the butt of a joke


02 2009